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  • VCARE believes in the ‘right product for the right market’ – that has been our philosophy from inception.
  • One outcome of this philosophy is our strong recommendation on testing the water quality in each home before purchase decision so that we can recommend the right model from over 40 models of water purifiers that we make, each with its own set of benefits and underlying technologies.
  • The end-consumer must be made aware of both the positives and limitations of RO technology and must be educated to use, as per their household requirements, preferences and quality of input water.
  • It is essential to use RO technology in appropriate water conditions rather than use it indiscriminately.


  • mud/dirt
  • sediment
  • suspended materials


  • Water with TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) more than 500 mg/L. As per Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), acceptable limit for TDS in potable water is 500 mg/L and for Hardness (Calcium+Magnesium), it is 200 mg/L.
  • Long-term consumption of such high TDS water can result in excess mineral agglomeration causing stress on kidneys, and also leading to kidney ‘stones’, which is an acute health issue.AQUAGUARD RO PURIFIERS eliminates such a Hazordious Chemicals.
  • RO cannot be universally applicable for all water types due to key technology limitations.
  • Since RO works on very tiny pore-sized membranes molecularly separating out dissolved chemical contaminants, it cannot, by design, discriminate between so-called ‘good’ and ‘bad’ chemicals.


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and therefore produce green products with quality raw materials.